The most trusted windscreen repairers in Hampshire and Surrey

Motor Trade and Fleets

Protecting the motor trades profits by safely extending the life of damaged windscreens

Including main dealership, independent dealerships and businesses with a fleet of vehicles who find insurance companies don’t cover the cost of glass repair.

The windscreen of the vehicles you have in stock may need repairing, whether it is to pass the MOT or to prepare your stock to the standard expected by your customers. A regular site inspection by a specialist with a trained eye can save you that awkward moment when a customer viewing a car notices the glass is damaged, which may end up losing a sale as the customer has doubts about the vehicle or postponing vehicle delivery. We regularly visit vehicle dealerships to carry out site inspections, free of charge, and immediately deal with any necessary repair work for our customer’s peace of mind.

Windscreen repairs £45 per screen, minimum 2 windscreens per callout.